Monitor GF3800/GF1800monitor

Monitor GF3800/GF1800

With free standing GF series gas heaters, you can program four different times and four different temperatures to match the activities of your family. The GF series each have a 7-day timer, so you can customize the four time/temperature program for individual days of the week. With both Monitors you can reduce the already low electrical consumption, prolong component life, and increase the Monitor’s efficiency by using the Economy Plus mode.

Multiple Heat Exchanger

Extracts 88% of usable heat from burner

Dual Multi-Speed Blowers

Separate fans for combustion and room air circulation

Thermostatically controlled

Adjusts to the desired room temperature

Indicator Lights

Easy-to-see signals show when heater is in operation, when timer is activated, and when the burner is operating, or child lock is engaged

Child Lock

Prevents accidental operation by curious children

Easy Installation

Includes all parts required for a standard installation

Memory Backup

Heat will automatically resume operation after power is restored.


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