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Rehau Radiant Floor Heating

REHAU radiant infloor heating is a strategic system of warm water flowing through pipes under your floors, keeping you, and your house comfortable and warm. With more than 35 years of experience in the design and manufacture of radiant heating systems, REHAU is a pioneer in this industry, offering quality products and introducing revolutionary developments to radiant infloor.

Delivering outstanding performance:

  • Economical
  • Safe
  • Low maintenance
  • Comfortable



Radiant heat is the healthy, clean choice

  • Does not dry air like conventional systems
  • Keeps floors warm and dry, inhibiting growth of mold and mildew
  • No noisy fans or blown air to distribute dust and other allergens
  • Makes hard surface flooring comfortable

Floor coverings

From hardwood to tile, we’ve got it covered. REHAU’s radiant heating system is compatible with a variety of floor coverings, including hardwood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile and marble

Rehau Radiant Floor Heating

The power of possibility

Radiant heating can be installed in a single room or throughout your home. There are no heaters, radiators or vents-giving you more design freedom and open space. It’s a great choice for today’s open floor plans, especially in areas with high ceilings. A variety of warm-water heat sources can be used, including boilers, geothermal heat pumps, solar collection systems and water heaters.

Energy efficient

Radiant heating warms the objects in the room, not the air. This allows thermostats to be lowered as much as 4F without sacrificing comfort levels. These lower operating temperatures can reduce fuel consumption, typically saving between 20 and 30 percent per year in heating expenses. For example, a guest room over the garage can be kept at a lower temperature when not in use.

Rehau Radiant Floor Heating

Room-to-room control

It’s easy to zone the system using multiple thermostats. This allows you to adjust temperatures in a single room or a group of rooms, based on activity and usage levels.

RAUPANEL is a great option for retrofit and new construction applications because it is installed without the concrete overpour. RAUPANEL can work with all types of flooring.

REHAU pioneered PEX

The main component of REHAU’s radiant heating system is RAUPEX cross-linked polyethylene (PEXa) pipe. In 1968, REHAU pioneered PEX with the introduction of the first PEXa pipes. This means when you’re dealing with REHAU, you’re dealing with an industry leader.

A proven product

With RAUPEX pipe, you’ll have the comfort of knowing that there are over a billion feet already installed in homes just like yours. In addition, REHAU offers a 25-year limited warranty on our pipe and fittings.

The EVERLOC connection

REHAU’s EVERLOC fitting system provides a reliable, long term connection. EVERLOC is well known for its strength, dependability and ease of use.

Installation seals the deal

Installing a radiant heating system is definitely not a weekend “do-it-yourself” project. The proper installation of these systems requires the help of a professional installer. Delta Air Systems is experienced in the design and installation of radiant heating systems.

As you build a new home or renovate your current one, give careful thought to your heating system. Radiant heating provides warm, gentle heat unmatched in comfort, efficiency and flexibility.

REHAU’s radiant heating system works by circulating warm water through a network of pipes placed in the floor. Heat is gently radiated upward, creating a comfortable environment.

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