Schwank Patio Heaters

Schwank Patio Heaters

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Why wait for hot summer days to do booming patio business. With patioSchwank radiant heaters, your patio will be the first to open in the spring – the last to close in the fall – and all season long your tables can be full ’til last call.

patioSchwank radiant heaters multiply the number of days you earn maximum sales from your patio, because you – not Mother Nature – control the comfort level of your patrons. You could even open on a winter day (existing patioSchwank operators have held special event parties on their patios in mid February!).

Add it all up and it’s easy to see why patioSchwank heaters offer payback in as little as one season. So don’t be left cold by inferior patio heaters. Choose the patio heater that is designed and built for commercial operation – patioSchwank: economical to buy – and even more economical to operate.

Application Areas & Advantages of Schwank Patio Heaters

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