MPA Mini-Split Heat Pump

Efficient heating and cooling ideal for add-on spaces

Energy Smart

The MPA Single-Zone has an outstanding efficiency rating of 23.5 SEER and 10.5 HSPF .
Variable speed inverter technology lowers energy costs

Application Flexibility

The MPA Single-Zone Heat Pump is the perfect solution when ducted options are not practical
Available in a variety of sizes and models such as indoor units /outdoor units

Whisper-Quiet Operation

As quiet as 29dBA

Low Ambient Performance

Operation down to -13F heating and 5F cooling


Precision Comfort
  • Variable capacity heating & cooling.
  • Zoning solutions to eliminate hot/cold spots.
  • Ultra-quiet operation indoors and out.
  • Temperature control that can “Follow Me.”
  • Dehumidification mode available.
Flexible Installation
  • Higher capacity options.
  • Wider heating and cooling operation ranges to support low ambient temperature operation.
  • Increased variety of indoor head types introduce new application opportunities.
  • Improved multi-zone head offering.
Durable Systems
  • System protection measures monitor and prevent failures.
  • Easy service calls with color-coded diagnostics.
  • Increased warranty offering.
Energy Smart
  • More Energy Star® certified systems in single & multi-zone configurations.
  • Efficient electric heating for northern climates with consistently low outdoor temperatures.
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