Geothermal systems provide an efficient and effective alternative to the more traditional “furnace and air conditioner” approach. At the core of the system is a heat pump, designed to transfer thermal energy from a “source” to a “sink”. In winter, the source is the ground, where heat is retained and sent to the building to warm it. In summer the system works in reverse.

Although geothermal has been around for more than 60 years, rising energy costs (along with government rebates) have made this system more popular, especially in commercial use.

At Delta, we’ll be pleased to specify a geothermal system for your needs, one that will save significant energy and keep you comfortable all year round.

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All in One Systems

Provide year round comfort. Built to heat through the winter months, and provide cooling all summer. WaterFurnace geothermal heat pump systems replace the traditional indoor furnace/outdoor air conditioning applications.

Envision Series
WaterFurnace Envision Series 190
Synergy 3D series
WaterFurnace Synergy3D Series
Legend SeriesWaterFurnace Legend Series


Split Systems

Provide installation flexibility with the capability to be installed with a remote air handler. WaterFurnace geothermal splits can be used to provide comfort for the entire home, or individual zones like the second story on a large home. Using geothermal split systems in conjunction with a fossil fuel furnace “turbocharges” the system for increased efficiency.

Envision Series Split
WaterFurnace Envision Series Split
Envision Series Outdoor Split
WaterFurnace Envision Series Outdoor Split

Hydronic Systems

These units are designed for heating and cooling water in applications like: Radiant floor heating; Domestic hot water; Snow/Ice Melt . The modularized design and controls of WaterFurnace hydronic geothermal systems enable optimum capacity matching and staging.

Envision Series NSW

WaterFurnace Envision Series NSW
Envision Series NDW

WaterFurnace Envision Series NDW


Air Handler

The Envision Air Handler is available in 2 to 5-ton capacities with a refrigerant/hydronic coil option for a wide range of applications. The air handler comes standard with a variable speed (ECM) fan motor for maximum comfort and savings.

Envision Series Air Handler

WaterFurnace Envision Series Air Handler


Accessories can improve the comfort levels in your home even more, and in some cases allow you to expand the functions of your existing WaterFurnace system.

WaterFurnace Geotank

Capture the FREE hot water from your unit.

The WaterFurnace GeoTank is simply the best way to capture preheated water from your unit. Engineered specifically for your WaterFurnace geothermal system, the GeoTank includes unique features that make installation and operation easy.

WaterFurnace Intellizone

Control the temperature of every room in your home with the IntelliZone system.

IntelliZone provides you with precise control over your indoor environment. Adjust zones to condition only the rooms that need it, so your WaterFurnace system runs more efficiently – saving money and providing better comfort.

WaterFurnace Alpinepure

The Freshest, cleanest air for your family’s health.

The WaterFurnace AlpinePure™ Series is based around three strategies to improve indoor air quality: filter the air, ventilate the air, and eliminate the source. WaterFurnace Indoor Air Quality products include premium air cleaners, purifiers and media filters.

WaterFurnace Thermostats

Fully programmable, humidity controls (requires humidifier) are just some of the benefits of our thermostat offering.

Available Models: TP32U03, TP32U04, TP32U05, TP32W02 & TA32W01


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