thermodrainHot water heating is the second largest expense in a home behind space heating. Showering is the single largest user of domestic hot water in the home, therefore having the largest effect on your pocket book. When taking a shower 90% of the heat energy is wasted down the drain, taking your hard earned dollars with it. Installing a ThermoDrain drain water heat recovery unit can help you recover as much as 40% of this energy, putting those dollars back in your pocket while having a positive effect on the environment.

The ThermoDrain drain water heat recovery unit by EcoInnovation Technologies is manufactured of 100% copper. It is composed of a copper drain section (ASTM 306) around which a copper coil (ASTM B88 Type L) is molded and wound. As hot water drains down the central copper drain an important heat transfer occurs as copper is a great conductor. The cool, fresh incoming water supply from the city which circulates through the outer coil is preheated by as much as 20 degrees Celsius before entering the water heate

An interesting fact which you may also like to share is that testing conducted by Natural Resources Canada for the ecoENERGY grant table (prior to the program being cancelled) showed that during a 10 minute shower, the ThermoDrain recovered the equivalent of 33,750 BTUs of free energy (or energy that would have otherwise been wasted down the drain). This equates to nearly one cubic meter of gas saved for every 10 minute shower as a cubic meter of gas contains 35,380 BTUs. At approximately $0.26 delivered (including fees) for a cubic meter of gas, savings can be quite significant.


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