Heating Input: 46,000 – 115,000 BTU/h

Daikin Certifications

A Daikin brand high-efficiency gas furnace with two-stage gas valve and multi-speed blower provides substantial energy efficiency with effective heating performance. Unlike single-stage gas furnaces that operate ‘all on’ or ‘all off,’ a Daikin two-stage, multi-speed gas furnace matches air delivery with heat required to minimize energy use and produce just the right amount of heat to keep a steady, comfortable temperature in your home.

DM96HS Features
DAIKIN-DM96HS-imageUp to 96% AFUE – This gas furnace converts up to 96 cents of every energy dollar into indoor comfort in your home

Multi-speed motor automatically adjusts airflow to match comfort needs, reduces energy consumption and system noise.

Two-stage gas valve reduces energy needed during moderate demand to deliver outstanding comfort and efficiency.

The DM96HS includes:


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