More control, more efficiency, no ducts and less noise…it’s easy to see why ductless systems are quickly gaining popularity in Canada.

A ductless system can be especially cost efficient if your home doesn’t have existing ductwork or needs new ductwork. Ductless systems have proven to be more efficient than traditional home comfort systems and offer more customizable controls.

This system is split into two units: the evaporative unit and the condensing unit. Instead of using ductwork to distribute air throughout the house like a central air system would do, a ductless system utilizes individual units throughout the home.

Compact size and ease of installation make ductless systems the popular choice for new construction and renovation projects.


  • Easy installation, no ductwork, quiet
  • Ability to cool specific areas in your home (each room has a thermostat)
  • Saves money as there is no cooled air lost in the ductwork

*NEW Daikin Emura*

The smart,efficient and stylish way to control your indoor environment containing key innovative features to help avoid cold draughts, save energy and allow control of the sytem wherever you are.

Download the app below and try the Demo of the functionality with Wireless Interface Adaptor.

Daikin Emura is a stylish wall mounted indoor heating & cooling air source heat pump unit

  • Intelligent Eye Sensor – Programmable Set Back based on occupancy
  • 3D Air Flow – Horizontal and Vertical Air Flow
  • Comfort AirFlow – Directs airflow away from occupants in the room
  • Unique Design and functional front Panels available in White and Silver
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